FUSE Teen Center was born as a dream caused by a nightmare. Let me explain...  I am Susan Crone, and I am the founder of FUSE.  At the time FUSE was founded, I had been a teacher in Frederick County, MD, for 30 years.  Over the years, I had become concerned about my former students.  Drugs, alcohol-related accidents, and suicide had taken the lives of so many of the children who had been "one of mine."  It was heartbreaking.  Something had to change for kids in Thurmont.

Thurmont, MD is a great little town to live in.  But one thing that was missing - a place for teens.  With that in mind, I gathered a group of people who also cared about the future of the teens of Thurmont, and FUSE was born.  We started in May of 2017 with a Cinco de Mayo party for the teens, and a Prayer Walk for the adults.  Things moved quickly and by the end of the school year in June we had negotiated with Trinity United Church of Christ to use space in their building, 2 rooms, 2 nights a week.  By September, we were 3 nights a week and 3 rooms!

FUSE is a place where teens can just be.  The goal of FUSE is to provide teens with time to spend together, in a place reserved just for them, protected from the influences of the world, if only for a brief moment. Fuse provides teens with the opportunities for talk, teamwork, and "FUSE-ing!" FUSE staffing is made up of community volunteers, from many different walks of life, who are willing to invest their time in the future of the teens of Thurmont.  We welcome volunteers - come and visit and see if FUSE is a place where you would like to invest time in helping teens grow.


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